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8 Tips for Designing Dream Bath Cabinets

Last week's blog post featuring our new master bath was pretty popular and while it is

gorgeous and looks like a million bucks (if I do say so myself!), a big part of that success is due to how it functions. If you are thinking of updating your master bath, here are 8 features you might want to include with your cabinet design.

1. Soft Close Doors & Drawers - This feature is non-negotiable in my book! If you are sharing a bathroom with someone chances are they will be using it at times when you are sleeping. Our new doors and drawers are so quiet that I still can't imagine how I ever lived without them.

2. Correct Mirror Height - With 8' ceilings the goal was to elevate the room by having tall mirrors. I did not go all the way up to the crown molding in case I ever wanted to install a wall mount light fixture and take down the hanging pendants. I ordered these mirrors on Amazon and had a local carpenter frame them to fit the space.

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3. Counter Cabinet - Ya'll! This is life changing! I used to keep baskets on my countertops to store everyday items in but it stayed messy. This cabinet is 24" wide with 2 doors and 2 drawers so that both my husband and I each have a half cabinet plus a drawer for storage. Some counter cabinets only have 1 door which means that it opens awkwardly for either the person on the left or right.

4. Fun Lighting - Every bathroom needs fun lighting to add character. I chose to go for hanging pendant lights this time and really like them. Another popular look is the use of single wall sconces which I almost went for. You will definitely need additional room lighting like recessed cans to have enough light overall.

5. Extra Backsplash - The standard height backsplash is 4". With today's taller faucet designs like the ones I selected, I prefer using a taller countertop backsplash, somewhere between 6-8". It also helps to prevent water splashes on the wall if your mirrors are raised.

6. Drawer Liners - I recommend lining your drawers and cabinets with a protective paper. I actually used a wallpaper pattern that I measured and cut to install in my drawers. I did not wet them or stick them down at all. I just set the pieces right in there and when you put stuff on them they will stay put!

7. Unique Hardware - Ahh! Don't you just love picking out new cabinet hardware? It's pretty much like shopping for jewelry! I wanted to mix metals in my bath and pull in a vintage farmhouse style. I searched high and lo to find these antique brass pulls. I had them mounted horizontally across the base cabinet doors and love the look! The doors are actually easier to open with the handles this way and you can hang hand towels on them if you want.

8. Decorative Feet - A little design element goes a long way when it comes to adding decorative feet to your cabinet! It really creates a custom furniture like look and up levels the space. It is personal preference as to whether or not you want to include toe kick or have open space underneath the actual cabinet. In some cases I like open but for corralling dust bunnies and other small objects that seem to disappear into the nether, I prefer a recessed toe kick.

I didn't include the X-door detail because door styles are really dependent on your cabinet manufacturer options. However, if you have the like them and have the opportunity to include them in your cabinet design, DO IT! I love mine so much! I hope this post has been helpful if you are dreaming of remodeling an existing bath or building a new house and thinking of your wish list. If you have any questions or would like to know more about the materials used for our bathroom, shoot me an email at :) Happy weekend!


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