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Wachesaw Plantation Master Bath Remodel

I'm excited to share more details of this large remodel project I've been featuring over the past few weeks. Today is all about the plans for a new and much improved spa like master bath! The former bathroom built in the 90's is in need of many updates both functionally and aesthetically. The homeowners want to gut the current bathroom and in its place include a large walk in shower, a soaking tub, a new double bath vanity with lots of storage, a separate commode closet and lastly a linen closet.

Here are some pics of the current bathroom where you can see the more dated materials... old tile floor with brown grout, the shower cave, the land yacht tub (always my favorite) and an older vanity with a soffit above featuring florescent lighting. I don't know about you but the last thing I want with my mirror is florescent lighting!

The most exciting part of designing this new bathroom is the new and improved open concept layout! Out with the dividing walls and in with glass and hopefully a taller window (HOA board pending) for more natural light. Below is the new floorplan for the master bath.

The plans include an extra long vanity with double sinks, plenty of drawer and cabinet storage and a countertop tower. I like to include electrical outlets inside the tower for toothbrushes, shaving kits and anything else in the bathroom that needs charging. The goal is to have clean clear countertops, especially when sharing a bathroom.

By eliminating a few walls and shifting the commode closet to where the current shower is, there is just enough room for a luxurious soaker tub. I included a few wall shelves for candles, etc to finish out the corner and can't wait to select a fun light fixture for over the tub! There is also enough space for a built in linen closet right across from the tub which will come in handy for showers and baths.

Here are a few 3D images so you can see how open this new floor plan will be. As I mentioned last week, none of the materials have been selected yet so the end result will probably look very different.

And that's a wrap on this master bath! Can't wait to work on materials this week! I will mention that the homeowner has extra beautiful heart pine that we might use for the bathroom floor. Some people are scared to put down hardwoods in a bathroom setting but with the use of rugs and bathmats, water is not usually an issue and I've had plenty of clients opt for this. How about you? Do you have wood floors in any of your bathrooms? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!


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