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Kitchen Remodel Made Easy!

Design your kitchen in 30 days or less with confidence
or I'll design your kitchen for you!

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Hi, I'm Robin!

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I'm an award winning interior designer of over 15 years and I love designing the most important room in the house... THE KITCHEN!

I'm thrilled to share a simplified course to support YOU with your kitchen design. Remodel projects have a unique set of challenges and this course will walk you through each step from conception to a design completion.  Fast track the ENTIRE process in 30 days or less with the tools, checklists and cheatsheets provided.

Kitchen Remodel Made Easy

1. ​Choose a design  
2. Choose your layout
3. Choose your budget
4. Chose your materials.

Design Your Kitchen With Me! 

The Kitchen Remodel Made Easy Course is a good fit for you if...

You love design and want to maintain creative control over your project

You want to save money on costly mistakes

You want to save valuable time on design and construction

You want to hone your design skills and up level the end result 

You know what design materials you like but aren't sure how to put them together

You have a project time frame to begin in the next 3-12 months

You have an estimated project budget of at least $25k 

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