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5 Tell Tale Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Remodel

You know your kitchen needs help but you're just not quite sure what action to take. Will a simple refresh solve your design dilemma or is a full on remodel the solution you need? Today's blogpost is all about how to decide between the two. If you caught my FB Live this week you may have heard me talk about the 5 signs that your kitchen is crying for a remodel. In case you missed it, here is what to look for.

#1 Clutter

Do you have constant clutter on your countertops? This can be a multi-pronged problem between having too much stuff and not having a convenient space to store it. I highly recommend at this beginning stage of evaluating your kitchen to do a thorough decluttering. I just finished my 5 Day Kitchen Declutter Challenge that you can do and implement in under 1 hour per day! If after you thoroughly declutter your kitchen you still don't have enough room resulting in clean countertops, this is a sign you need more storage and/or a larger kitchen. Sometimes you can add cabinetry to your existing kitchen like in the project below or you may opt for a new kitchen all together. We added an entire pantry wall as well as extended the size of the island in this kitchen to create more usable space.

Kitchen Project with Additional Storage Solutions

#2 FrequentTraffic Jams

It's one thing to be single or even a couple working in a kitchen together, but throw in kids and a poor layout and you my friend have daily traffic jams. Having the whole family in the kitchen at one time can get tricky and creates unnecessary stress. It is so important to have a functional kitchen that is well designed and laid out with plenty of space. Appliance locations are a huge part of the plan along with having extra wide aisles between your countertops. If you suffer from constant busy body pile ups, this is a sign you need a new and improved kitchen design with a thoughtful layout for families.

#3 Feeling Left Out of the Party

Do you ever feel left out of the family fun while you're all alone working in the kitchen? Meantime the rest of your family is sitting around the fire in the family room watching tv. Or maybe you have friends stop over and everyone is gathered around while you are in the kitchen trying to be a good hostess. Most new construction homes today feature large open concept kitchen / family plans where everyone can be together. And while an open concept kitchen is not for all, it's probably the most common reason clients choose to remodel their kitchens. If you are tired of living with a closed kitchen plan, a refresh won't solve for this dilemma. Instead a remodeling project looks to be in your future.

Kitchen Project Before & After

#4 Your Kitchen Doesn't Make You Happy

Talking to the all BUSY MOMS right here, right now... your kitchen should bring you JOY! You spend more time in your kitchen than any other room in your house.... like 3-5 hours per day! Mommas work hard sacrificing and caring for their families. I'm such a believer that your kitchen should support you and all you do for your families. A cluttered, messy and drab kitchen creates stress, overwhelm and anxiety for you and your family. It's time to spend your hours, days, weeks and years in a beautiful and functional kitchen. That is all. (Insert mic drop here)

#5 You Feel Embarrassed to Host Friends and Family

Ya'll... I call this design shame! If you are so unhappy with your kitchen that you are embarrassed to invite friends and family over, it's time to make some serious changes. At the minimum a refresh to update dated colors and materials, but if you are needing a new and improved or larger kitchen layout, a remodel is what you need. It's time to create a kitchen where you have ample room to host fun times at your house... holiday dinners, last minute get togethers with friends, super bowl parties (sooner than later!), halloween parties, you name it. The goal is to design a kitchen that is beautiful, functional and clutter free because soon we will be enjoying all of those fun times again, together!

If you are on a mission to make improvements to your kitchen, bath or mudroom you should join my free Facebook Group Kitchens, Baths & Mudrooms by Design. It's so fun and we are up to over 100 members already! Each week I solve one members design challenge for free, so what are you waiting for? We'd love to have you!

Also, don't miss my upcoming webinar all about How to Plan for a Kitchen Remodel!!! So much good information if you are even thinking of remodeling your kitchen this year! Be sure to save your seat by preregistering.

Have a great weekend!


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