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The Dollars and Sense of Kitchen Design

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Are you thinking of remodeling or updating your current kitchen? Are you building a new home and have to pick everything out for a brand new kitchen? How much will it cost? How much should it cost? Understanding how to budget is so important and step #1 for planning any project.

When I work with clients, I usually start by creating a realistic budget based on the price point of their home, no matter whether they are building or remodeling. It's important to know know how much is appropriate to invest in a new kitchen. For example, if you have a large budget and champagne taste, you don't want to overdo it to the point you will never recoup the value down the road and the reverse is true, if you only have a beer budget your kitchen may not appeal to future buyers. And we all know the kitchen is of number one importance to prospective home buyers.

One way to figure all of this out is to shop for all of the materials you are hoping to afford and see where you end up. If you are over budget, it's back to square one to repeat the process. A better way to do this, is to learn from an experienced pro! I've created a unique training video with downloadable tools to teach you how to do this and save you lots of time, money and headaches.

I am excited to tell you about a digital course I have put together called 10 Steps to Design Your Kitchen like a Pro. And guess what the first module is all about? Project Planning!

Project planning teaches you how to create a scope of work, a project timeline and a realistic budget for your project! It includes a 20 minute training video, downloadable workbook, kitchen planning guide and a budget template tool to help you plan and manage your expenses.

Best news, this package is currently on sale for a limited time! Regularly $39.99 save 20% with discount code SAVE20 and pay only $32.99. If you are going to be designing a new kitchen, don't miss this!


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