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Murrells Inlet Kitchen Design

Hello there! I am excited to share with you a brand-new kitchen design for a local remodel project. When I went over to the clients house and we started talking, it turns out she used to be my neighbor! Small world!

The kitchen is a little dated and definitely does not have much storage space. When the homeowners purchased the house, they weren't sure if they were going to stay long-term or not so they added a few mix and match cabinets which you can see below in black.

One of my main goals was to create more of an open concept plan to connect the kitchen with the great room by removing the sheetrock walls around the center island. Another goal was to extend the cooking wall as far down as possible to maximize counter space and add a focal point with a nice hood. This presented another design challenge though because the homeowner had already purchased all of her new appliances including an over the range microwave :) My suggestion was to move the microwave down to the new coffee bar station and they loved this idea! Win win!

Here is the floor plan and the kitchen elevations showing the new cabinet layout. Note the island is freestanding, and we kept most of the appliances in place to save on cost.

I am also recommending to eliminate the drywall soffit above the kitchen island. This would further open up the space and help with pendant light placement. We really won't know if this is possible though until the contractor opens it up to see what's there, so stay tuned! Here are a few 3D images showing what the new space will look like.

You can really see what I mean about the soffit over the island in this rendering... would love to raise it! Below are the materials selected for the kitchen. All of the appliances are GE café (swoon) and we are probably going with a stainless metal hood to tie in with the quartz countertops. A gray/blue subway tile will run to the crown over the range and also in the coffee bar.

The Schumacher trellis wallpaper is going to add just the right touch to liven up the breakfast nook! We couldn't find any White Macaubas we liked so we're going with Perfectly Fabulous quartz countertops. Still debating on lighting but these fixtures are a perfect size and finish. All that's left is the hardware!

If you have a project you need help with, book a discovery call with me anytime to see how I can help! Hope you enjoyed today's project fture!


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