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3 Tips to Instantly Upgrade Your Kitchen Cabinets

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

As an interior designer I've designed a lot of kitchens over the years and today I'm going to share with you a few of my favorite tips that you can apply to your own design when the time comes. Some of these are easier to implement with semi-custom cabinets which are why I love them so much, but you can get creative with stock or factory cabinets too. I will say that in the past when I've tried to get too creative with stock or factory cabinets, the price ends up being as much or more than my semi-custom supplier... so be sure to shop around!

Here are my 3 tips to upgrade your kitchen cabinet design for a more custom look and feel.

Tip #1 - Countertop Cabinets

I love to use countertop cabinets in my kitchen designs somewhere! They add a furniture like feel and are a great spot for storing small items like wine openers, cocktail napkins, coffee and teas, speciality spoons, etc. Because of this, they work well for coffee and wine bars but can be used anywhere. The countertop cabinets usually range from 12-15" depending on your kitchen design and supplier options.

Tip #2 - Drawers vs. Doors

Cabinet drawers have grown in popularity to use in base cabinets in place of cabinet doors. They are definitely easier to access than doors with shelving or even pull out shelves for that matter. Our kitchen is around 15 years old and the pots and pans are stored behind doors with gliding shelves. Often times the doors get hit when I'm in a hurry and I wish we had drawers! You definitely need some doors for storing larger items but go for more drawers. You will thank me later!

Tip #3 - Mix & Match Cabinet Colors

Mixing and matching your cabinets colors is a great way to add fun into your kitchen. It could be contrasting base cabinets, island, pantry or bar area. You will be limited in your color selection with stock or factory cabinets, but you can still mix things up! You may also be to include a semi-custom design in one area with factory cabinets everywhere else. Don't be afraid to take some risks and go with what makes you happy!

Are you designing a new kitchen? If so it's never too early to start planning!

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