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10 Backsplash Patterns + Trends

There are lots of different materials and patterns that you can use to create a decorative backsplash in your kitchen. Last week's blogpost was all about how to think through and narrow down the best splash for your kitchen. Today's post is a round up of fun patterns you can consider depending on which material you choose. Remember you can play with color, size and run direction on all of these patterns to create a truly unique look!

Images by Tile Shop

Some of these patterns are more classic (square, chevron, subway, herringbone, penny) while others tend to be more modern (arabesque, hexagon and L-shape). It all depends on what style size, color and material you select. For example, if you take a basic subway tile and choose an elongated version maybe 3 x 12 in a stainless steel finish, you create a contemporary backsplash. If you choose an arabesque tile in a classic marble finish, you create a more traditional style.

The kitchen below shows what a simple 3 x 12 ceramic white tile run in a herringbone pattern can do. This definitely make a bold statement and has a clean, modern feel to it. I'm a fan!

Image by Meere Construction Group

One design trend I've seen lately is using large pattern printed tiles like in the photo below. They usually come in 6 x 6, 8 x 8 or 12 x 12 sizes and either have individual designs or make up part of a larger pattern. It creates a wallpaper effect which you know I love! #wallpaperfetish These tiles can be used in the 18" backsplash space between cabinets like below or run all the way up walls to make a real statement.

Image by Bria Hammel Interiors

Although there are plenty of tiles and patterns to pick from, some people prefer to just skip introducing another material for the backsplash altogether and instead continue their solid surface countertops right up the walls. One advantage to that is there are no grout lines to worry about cleaning or chipping. It really comes down to personal preference! There are no right or wrong answers as long as all of your materials blend together.

Image by Amber Interiors

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