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Moms 10 Step Guide to Backsplash Design

A kitchen backsplash has two main purposes in life.... first it protects your sheetrock walls around busy cooking areas and second it blends two very important elements of your kitchen - your cabinets and countertops. The goal of your backsplash is to enhance your kitchen by adding a design element that either subtly compliments the materials around it or creates a stunning statement. Just remember that everything can't be in the spotlight so you have to decide up front who will be the "star" and who will be the "backup" in your overall kitchen scheme. Below is a great example of this.

Image by Birmingham Home and Garden

Are you dying over this kitchen pic as much as I am? I mean... perfection! The herringbone patterned backsplash is a home run for color, scale and a touch of rustic flair perfect with the wooden beams. I'm not sure who designed this but what a great example of selecting a key design element that set the tone for the whole kitchen.

Every Mom I know is a busy mom so to help save time, I put together a list of things to consider before getting started designing your own backsplash.

10 Backsplash Questions

  1. What overall design style are you going for in your kitchen?

  2. What style cabinets do you have? Traditional, modern or contemporary?

  3. What type of countertops are you using and how much pattern is there?

  4. Would you rather use the same material as your countertops for a backsplash?

  5. How important is easy cleaning to you? Smooth, flat surfaces clean much easier than rough or natural stone for example.

  6. How much space do you have for a backsplash? Most upper cabinets sit 18" above countertops without a 4" countertop splash. If you are remodeling, try to remove this section if possible to maximize your backsplash material.

  7. Consider creating an inset pattern between your cooktop and hood for interest.

  8. Can you run your backsplash up around your hood or even all the way up the crown molding to make a bold design statement?

  9. Are there other cabinets where it makes sense to include a backsplash like in a butler's pantry or wet bar?

  10. How much color and pattern do you want? Darker grout creates more contrasting pattern and works best with subtle countertops.

Image by Edward Deegan Architects via Homebunch

I love the oblong honeycomb tile used for the kitchen backsplash above. It adds interest and texture without taking over. With all the windows it makes sense to run it countertop to ceiling.

Next week I'll post about different backsplash material and pattern options so you can familiarize yourself with the names.

Join me in my new FB group Kitchen, Baths and Mudrooms by Design! Each week I will select a member's design challenge to solve on a FB live for the whole group to see. Get in early and see you there!

If you are working on designing your own kitchen grab my Free Guide while it's available!


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