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Instagram Influencer Kitchen Reveal

I'm so excited to finally get to share this amazing kitchen transformation with you! You may remember my blogpost back in June talking about this project. Well it's finally complete and most importantly photographed! I have to say Jessica did a great job of accessorizing and styling her gorgeous new kitchen.

Jessica and her husband purchased a house that needed some work and saved up money for the day they would remodel the kitchen. Well you know the story, life happens and 9 years went by. After a divorce and some major life changes, Jessica decided it was time to create the kitchen she had been waiting on for so long. And that's where I came in.

Just to give you some perspective of the transformation, here are a few photos of the before....

One of the first things I wanted to do was remove the wall with the pass through window dividing the kitchen from the dining room. It really separated the spaces and made the kitchen feel closed off. Fortunately, it was not a load bearing wall so we were able completely remove it. If it had been load bearing, we would have had to install a support header which is how I came up with the idea for a decorative wood beam to disguise it. We decided we both loved the beam so much that we kept it!

Jessica wanted to use factory cabinets to save on cost so she went with a company called USA Distributor who did a great job. She decided to leave off the crown molding so she could run her cabinets all the way up to the ceiling for extra storage. This is can be tricky if your ceiling is not level, but it worked out for her.

She also decided she wanted extra storage in her large dining room which we refer to as the hutch shown above. My favorite part is the black shiplap that sits behind the wooden shelves! The delicate balance of mixing white, wood and black always makes a beautiful design statement.

We went with quartz countertops, an apron front sink and a black swivel faucet. Jessica said she wished she had not gotten the touch-less version because it has a mind of it's own and can be a pain.

A small kitchen island was added between the oven and the refrigerator which was formerly a movable furniture piece. Having continuous countertops throughout the space really adds to the spacious feel. Another update was to create a built-in refrigerator surrounded by cabinetry on al sides to maximize storage for this busy family of four. The cabinet on the end was supposed to be a broom closet but the cabinet company was limited on sizes so it's for pantry storage and kids snacks.

Lastly, the Walter Zanger backsplash Jessica found and fell in love with, the modern tile floors, the cabinet hardware and the perfect mix of light fixtures all came together to make this kitchen a amazing! I'm so happy for Jessica and I know she will love her kitchen for years to come... not to mention she just added some serious resale value to her home :)

To check out Jessica's blogpost all about her kitchen remodel experience, sources she used and how much she ended up spending on her project, go here.

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