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Designing an Instagram Influencer's Kitchen

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

Super excited for a fun opportunity that came my way from my hairdresser nonetheless... thank you Devon! I mean all the years of getting hair cuts and high lights is actually paying off... can't wait to tell my husband lol! A few months ago she told me about an influencer she has followed for a few years now who is going to be remodeling her kitchen and was asking for advice. My ears perked up. Being a business owner herself, we like to talk shop and she encouraged me to reach out... so I did. And guess what??

I'm really excited to be designing a new kitchen for Jessica N. Turner who is a mom of 3, blogger, speaker and best selling author for busy moms! Her best selling book, "The Fringe Hours" is all about encouraging women to practice self-care and make time for their passions all while running a family and I couldn't agree more!

Today we had a Design Kick Off Meeting where we took room measurements and talked though design ideas and a series of questions to create Jessica's dream kitchen. Ya'll she is so funny and personable and you should have seen she and son Elias trying to measure the walls lol... yes, we will have the contractor double check everything!

I'll be working on her kitchen design and hammering out all the details this month so she and her contractor can have everything ordered and ready to for a remodel this fall. Can't wait to share all the details once it's underway and of course show you the before and after photos.

If you are planning on building a new home or remodeling your kitchen this fall or early next year, you can join my exciting new KITCHEN DESIGN PROGRAM starting June 20th to design it with me! The kitchen design program will save you thousands at a time when building costs are high. Click below to grab my free guide and learn more about the program.


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