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Butler Pantry vs. Walk In Pantry

A butler pantry is officially defined in as a small service and storage room between a kitchen and a dining room. A butler pantry is different from a walk in pantry in that is usually larger and includes finished cabinetry, countertops and sink with faucet for food prep. It's a great place to organize food and drinks to be served for large gatherings in your kitchen like over the holidays or when entertaining friends. The idea is to have all the clutter out of sight and your kitchen on it's A game. Often times small appliances are stored in here like microwaves, toasters, coffee makers, etc. freeing up kitchen counter space.

The butler pantry below is one of my favorite I've designed to date but I've got another one in the works that might be a real contender! Can't wait to share it with you soon! You can see more details about the design of this butler pantry here ;)

Butler Pantry, Custom Cabinets, Wood Countertop, Hexagon Tile Floor, Custom Window Treatment, Two-tone cabinets, Pendant Light, Beadboard, Wallpaper
Image via Robin Johnson Interiors

A walk in pantry is more of a closet designed to store dry goods. It definitely includes a door to keep it separate from the kitchen and a popular trend to date is a sliding barn door to do the job. Walk in pantries range in size and cost due to details like what type of shelving is used and how it's arranged. If you have the room and can include electrical outlets in your pantry, small appliances can also be stored in here just like in a butler's pantry. Below is a pic of a remodel project I worked on a few years ago where the homeowner carved out some space underneath her stairs to create an adorable functional pantry. Note the toaster and coffee station.

Image via Robin Johnson Interiors

There is another term called a scullery that you may have heard of as well. A scullery is like a mini-kitchen, a step above and beyond a butler pantry that includes a stove, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc... everything a kitchen has just smaller. It sits off the main kitchen and is generally used by staff to keep the main kitchen clean. If you can afford to have a scullery and a staff, good for you! I however, cannot relate to this :) I would love having my kitchen clean all the time though!

If you are planning on remodeling or building a new home kitchen, you may want to consider adding a walk in pantry or butler pantry depending on your lifestyle and entertaining habits. Also think of what small appliances you might can plan on housing in there to have a magazine worthy kitchen countertops.... unlike mine!

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If you are working on designing your own kitchen grab my Free Guide while it's available! Happy weekend :) -


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