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Amazing Tween Bathroom Remodel!

So I may or may not be a little biased about the title of this blog as I remodeled and transformed one of THE ugliest bathrooms in our house and made it into an amazing space for my tween daughter. She is turning 11 years old soon and I'm already thinking she'll be leaving for college in less time ahead than we've had with her! Now that she is a tween, I really wanted her to have her own bathroom and privacy as she gets older. And so when we remodeled our master bath we decided to remodel the former guest bath for our daughter. I still can't quite believe the transition every time I walk in there! So here it is ... the ugly before picture:

As you can see, the old cabinet was dated, poorly constructed and sat at a height of only 30" with an almond marble countertop. The faucet, the brass light fixture, the tile with dark grout lines and the fiberglass tub/shower with frosted sliding doors all had to go! Even the kid height commode that ran whenever it wanted... gone! Needless to say this room was gutted.

Long before demo day, I got to work designing an exciting new space. I had an extra special 10- year old consultant for this job and had to run all design ideas by her to pass inspection. Between the 2 of us, I think we did a pretty good job. The design goals were as follows (in my mind anyway):

~ include a large bathtub because this would be the only one on the 2nd floor

~ make the room feel larger

~ create a light and airy feel because no windows

~ design a space for a tween to enjoy now and later as she gets older

Below was the elevation for the new bath basically showing we kept everything in it's place.

*Tip ~ If you're trying to save cost on a major remodel and the layout you have works, keep it. Moving plumbing can get expensive quick.

Once I had the plans drawn I was able to give copies to the trades to work from: tile installer, plumber, electrician, etc. I knew I wanted to include a fun wallpaper pattern in this bathroom to break up all the painted walls in the stairwell / hallway outside of it. My lil inspector finally approved this one and it was the jumping off point for everything else. Here are the adorable after photos:

Can you believe the transformation??? It's mind blowing to me! Knocking out the old ceiling soffit over the tub unit was paramount in visually opening up this space. The new bathroom includes hexagon and subway tile, a playful wallpaper print, an extra wide & tall bath tub, fun shower curtain, comfort height commode, clear glass light fixture, new plumbing fixtures and a painted bath cabinet with bun feet. I actually found this pre-made cabinet with tons of storage inside from Home Depot! It came with a solid white cultured marble counter top and undermounted rectangular sink. *Tip ~ I don't mind using cultured marble countertops like this if A) it's solid white and B) the sink is a separate undermount.

And there you have it! A perfect tween bathroom to last for years to come. I'm so happy she has her own bathroom to be proud of. If you would like to learn more about any of the materials I used for this project, feel free to email me at and I'll send them to you! Thanks, have a great weekend and go hug your kids!


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