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6 Family Friendly Shower Design Tips

If you're a mom with littles, I'm betting your shower time is most likely often shared with your kids. Sometimes it's just easier to throw everyone in there and have one big suds party, right?! Plus you can keep an eye on them while you are actually trying to get clean. I remember those days! Here are some practical tips for all you Moms out there thinking of designing a new master shower with kids in tow.

1. Size Matters

How much space will you have for a walk in shower? Whether you are replacing or enlarging a previous shower or building a new home with a brand new master bath, study your bathroom configuration to see how you can maximize your shower plan. The bigger the better when sharing your shower!

2. Curbless Entrance

Consider what type of shower entrance will work best for you, curbed or curbless. A curbless shower is one that has a seamless transition with the bathroom floor meaning there is no raised ledge to step over. If you need to have a ledge or curb, opt for the lowest profile possible. These options make it much easier for getting children in and out.

3. Dual Shower Heads

There's nothing like multiple shower heads in a spacious walk in shower, especially when you are sharing it and trying to keep warm! One thing I always recommend is including a handheld sprayer that works wonders for cleaning and washing your kids hair and even pets if you really want to have fun!

Image via Robin Johnson Interiors: Our Master Bath

4. Recessed Shower Niche

A recessed shower niche is a safe place to keep shampoo, conditioner, soap and razors up high and away from little fingers. Niches have much more room than corner shower shelves. Also, you can easily customize the perfect size one for your family. Simply ask your framer to frame one out for you! Make sure to measure the height of your tallest shampoo bottle so everything will fit.

5. Towel Bar

Why is it that walk in showers never have anywhere to hang wet wash cloths? I mean where exactly are we supposed to hang drippy things to dry? I like to include a towel bar at one end of the shower or on the glass doors preferably away from water. We have a stainless steel towel bar hidden in our shower and love it! See below. If you'd like to check out the blogpost to see my whole bathroom transformation, click here. It's pretty amazing!

6. Shower Glass

I recommend using frameless shower glass to enclose a family shower. A shower curtain is apt to be pulled down and having an open concept shower with only a half wall of no shower glass is just asking for your kids to spray down your entire bathroom. My daughter used to firehose everything lol!

Image via Robin Johnson Interiors: Our Master Bath

If you are on a design journey, you should join me! If you haven't heard my new FB group Kitchen, Baths and Mudrooms by Design is growing! Each week I solve one mom's design challenge for the whole group to see on a FB live, plus I share behind the scenes design work on my custom projects. We'd love to have you!

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