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Remodeling Your Kitchen During a Pandemic

If you are considering remodeling your kitchen after spending more time than EVER at home, you are not alone mama! The construction industry has been booming ever since it was deemed an essential business since late spring of 2020. According to a recent NY Times article, Renovating for a New Normal, "Working and schooling from home for the foreseeable future has prompted some homeowners to consider major home renovations". Some of these improvements include home offices, home school rooms, bathrooms, outdoor living spaces, pools, gyms, pantries and of course new and improved kitchens.

So the question looms, is it safe and a good idea to attempt a remodel during a Pandemic? Here is my answer... 100% yes but it depends on where in your house the remodel will take place AND the safety measures implemented by your contractor.

First of all, if you have ever lived through or seen a full on kitchen renovation, you might know that a reputable contractor will completely seal off the construction site, including all air vents. This is to encapsulate tiny dust particles and mess that are inevitably part of the job. And when I say seal off, I mean floor to ceiling sheets of heavy duty plastic taped off with multiple layers of thick tape. Think hazmat area 51. This encapsulation process works in your favor to contain any sort of potential viruses.

Secondly, most kitchens have an entrance located near an exterior door. The goal is to seal off not only your kitchen but also any hallways leading outside. This zone should be the only place in your home construction crews will be. They will use this one door to access your kitchen and will not be in any other part of your house. If you are planning on staying in your home during the remodeling process, you and your family should use a separate entrance and have no contact with construction workers.

Thirdly, just like other businesses have evolved to address safety concerns, the remodeling industry is no different. You can discuss with your contractor what safety measures and precautions will take place. Here are a few examples:

  • Daily temperature checks and/or monitoring the health of subs

  • Scheduling limited crews to be on the job site at any one time

  • Sanitizing high touch surfaces like door knobs

  • Cracking windows for fresh air if possible or adding a Hepa filter air purifier

  • Require masks, N95 masks btw are frequent and commonly used in the construction industry

  • Provide a Port a John

The design and planning portion of the project can also be implemented safely. Most showrooms are either open only by appointment or allow limited numbers of people in and many meetings are being held virtually. If you haven't heard, Fergusons just bought so all of their products can be shopped for on line now! Some materials are taking longer to receive because of Covid, especially appliances, so be sure to order those as soon as possible.

Me shopping for countertops recently :)

You can also plan to rent a temporary home for you and your family while construction is taking place to escape the noise and any potential concerns you might have. Either way, I think you can plan ahead and stay safe.

If you are thinking of remodeling but feel a little overwhelmed with how to get started, join me next week for a FREE webinar with great planning tips! How to Plan for a Kitchen Remodel Register here and have a great wkd!


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