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Favorite New Jute Rug Line!

I've been searching for a jute rug for my house for at least a year now! Crazy I know, right?

But being the designer I am, I just can't help myself (husband eye roll)... it has to be just right!

I prefer jute because it's much softer than sisal but wow can they get expensive. I've ordered a few rugs from amazon but I found the braided versions to be too loose of a weave for high traffic and they tend to move around on the floor. Another one was too chunky and the cat will love scratching it up... sigh.

So I finally decided to hop on Etsy to look around and about died when I came across a particular jute rug company! I mean jaw dropping, total elation, head over heels excited! Not only do they have amazing designs, but their prices are equally incredible AND they can do custom sizes! Just look at these scalloped edges!!!

These rugs are great for any room but especially in the kitchen. They work well as runners or even under a breakfast table because they are thin, flat and affordable so you can replace them over time.

I recommend ordering a small size or a sample to make you sure love it before ordering the large size. Trust me, it will saves you time, money and shipping hassles from returning a large rug if you don't like it.

There are so many gorgeous rugs to pick from, it was hard to decide. I finally ended up choosing this one for my sunroom. So far, I've ordered a 2 x 3 door mat of the style below and a 2 x 6 runner for my kitchen (see image farther down). They ship straight from India and only take about 7-10 to arrive.

The company is a family run business out of Jaipur India. The rugs are all handwoven and they have lots of unique styles and patterns, including round rugs. And did I mention they'll make a custom size for you for no upcharge? As you can tell I'm a huge fan and have created an affiliate program so I can share their amazing product line with you and other great products I find. Click on any of these rugs to head to their website and take a look around. Use Code 5DWOFF to save an extra 5% off their already great prices.

Here's a few more of my favorites:

Did I mention they make placemats too? They are so cute and remind me of Serena & Lilly! They also sell pouffs, table runners and pillow covers if you are in the market.

Hope you love them as much as I do! Have a great weekend!


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