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Easy DIY Kitchen Flower Arrangements

Last weekend was Mother's Day and I was blessed to receive not one but two beautiful floral bouquets from my little family. It got me thinking about how much I enjoy having fresh flowers in the kitchen. This week I thought I would blog about some of my favorite kitchen flowers that are easy to DIY.

A simple vase of beautiful lillies smell amazing and add life to any kitchen. Often times I'll place flowers on a countertop below upper wall cabinets so height is important. I usually use around an 8" tall vase and trim the flower stems so the entire arrangement is around 14" high. If you can find flowers that still have buds in tact even better! More color, texture and interest...

Here is an example of another countertop floral arrangement from a recent project photo shoot. I found these beauties at our local Publix and mixed white hydrangeas with roses in two colors. I trimmed the long stems so they sat bunched together just above the top of the vase. I've learned to only fill the water to maybe 3" deep and to remove any leaves below that point to keep the water fresh.

Sometimes I'll just run outside and cut palm leaves or some other type of branch for a quick table scape. The palm fronds works great in this beach house setting and go with the tropical vibe. I think it's important to use low height arrangements too so you can see the people sitting across from you.

Here are a few more arrangements I found on line that you could easily DIY. They are so simple and beautiful. Grab any color hydrangaes and mix them with magnolia leaves or roses. Use a large leaf of some sort to wrap around the inside of the vase to hide the stems if you prefer.

As for where I like to shop for fresh flowers, I mentioned Publix grocery store above and it's definitely one of my favorite places. Of course Costco and local farmers markets are also great. Fresh Market is another good one! When in doubt, always go for hydrangaes. They last a long time and work well as space fillers! Hopefully we'll have some blooming in the yard before long.

Enjoy this post because all Moms deserve pretty flowers! Even if you buy them for yourself!

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, check out my 10 Step Kitchen Design Program where I teach you everything you need to know to pull off a beautiful and successful project without regret!


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Hi Robin! Just want to say how much I enjoy reading your posts! We are renovating our Master Bedroom in Annapolis, MD and always welcome your ideas!

Robin Johnson
Robin Johnson
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Hi Judy!! Good to hear from you! Let me know next time you all are in town. And good luck with the bedroom reno!

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