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Design Your Dream Kitchen Island

Now that we're spending more time than ever at home, just think about how much time you and your family spend at your kitchen island! They are wildly popular and at the top of the list for new kitchen designs, sometimes being the very inspiration for designing the entire kitchen around! Frank Lloyd Wright once said that, "if the kitchen is the heart of the home, then the island is the heart beat".

Todays kitchen islands are larger than ever including stations for cooking, baking, microwave drawers , main sinks, prep sinks, dishwashers, trash cans, under counter refridgerators, wine racks, bookshelves and seating. Wow, that's a lot and there's even a trend toward double kitchen islands if space allows!

Double islands
Photo Credit @atlantahomesmag

When coming up with the perfect island design, first up is size and shape. You want to think about how much space you have to accommodate daily traffic. The recommended rule of thumb is 36" from counter to counter for one person in the work zone. If you have a busy family or like to cook with others, 42" is recommended. DESIGN TIP - Remember countertops include a 1" overhang. The available space you have will pretty much dictate the best size and shape of island(s) for your kitchen. This is the time to decide if you want to include seating and any space for a countertop overhang to tuck stools under. Will your island be one single counter height or two levels with a bar?

Next up is function... What features would you like your island to have? What features does your island need to have based on the rest of your kitchen design? For example, should you include an island prep sink if your main sink is at the other end of your kitchen? Would you like a separate beverage ref just for the kids in your house? Have you always dreamed of having a wine cooler or an under counter microwave to save space? Do you have a lot of cookbooks that need a home? This is the time to dream and double check all your pinspirations for fun ideas! Look around your current kitchen to help decide what you really need storage for.

And now for the really fun part! After figuring out the ideal size, shape and features your island will include, it's on to the decorative details! Will your island have the same door style as the rest of your kitchen or maybe specialty ones? I love X doors and other architectural features on islands to add character and interest! Your island is the jewelry of your kitchen so make it shine! How about accent feet or legs to create more of a furniture like feel? Mix up the style, color, finish and hardware to create personality and set the tone for your entire kitchen. Don't be afraid to create an island that you and your family will use and enjoy for years to come!

Kitchen island
Photo Credit @BryanLeeBuilds

Have you recently remodeled or built a new home with an amazing island in it? I'd love to see! Email me photos! Then join other design savvy moms like yourself and share your photos in my FB group Kitchens, Bath & Mudrooms by Design (<-- click link) where each week I'll spotlight one lucky member and answer a pressing design challenge! Can't wait to see you there!


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