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Design, Karma and Smoking Pistols

Ya'll... I get asked the following questions every time. When I explain to people that I design kitchens AND I also teach busy moms how to DIY them, they look at me a little concerned. But aren't you shooting yourself in the foot? Don't you want people to hire you? Aren't you going to give away all your secrets? What about your years of experience? How do you know someone isn't going to take your knowledge and share it with everyone else for free? Or even sell it themselves? The long of the short of it is simply NO.

I believe in good karma. I also believe in doing what you love and sharing your gifts with the world. And yes earning an income and making a profit are definitely important but making a larger impact and sharing my love of design to help others is BIGGER. Not everyone can hire a designer. Not everyone wants to hire a designer. But the one thing most all of us do want is a beautiful, functional kitchen that is the corner stone of our home. It's where daily life happens and where we gather for the most important things... family, friends and food.

I simply love design too much to stop providing custom one to one services. The thrill of starting a new project and seeing it come to life never gets old. I have an amazing remodel project starting next month that I can't wait to get my hands on! But the reality is there is only one of me and I can only book so many of these projects each year. The other reality is that this level of design service is expensive. This is why I created an exciting new kitchen design program to reach and help so many more of you at an affordable price. No matter where you live, your project budget or whether you are remodeling for resale or designing your forever home... the end goal is the same.

I really don't worry about sharing my design expertise because I trust that the people I'm helping will be grateful and excited with their results. And even if there are a few sour apples out there who decide to milk the system, I still believe that overall it is worth it. So NO I do not think I'm putting myself out of business for one second. Instead, I believe I am growing and expanding in ways I couldn't have imagined a few years ago.

My next kitchen design program kicks off in mid September and will be the last session this year.

You'll be hearing lots more about this but if you're interested, get on the waitlist now to be the first to know about it. Questions, shoot me an email anytime.


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