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Choosing the Perfect Kitchen Range

One of the biggest decisions you will ever make for your kitchen is choosing what type of stove to purchase. For today's post I'm going to focus on ranges which are a popular choice for many a mama. A range is considered an all one one unit complete with a stove and oven underneath. Many moms prefer this style because wall ovens eat up valuable cabinet space.

Freestanding vs Slide In

There are two main types of ranges to choose from, freestanding and slide in. Freestanding have the raised back panel with controls in the rear whereas slide ins have controls on the front and are all one level. The more popular choice for kitchens today are the slide in models that don't block the views of a pretty backsplash.

48" Thermador Range 6-Burner with Griddle

Electric Smoothtop/ Induction vs Gas/Dual Fuel

The next choice is deciding between an electric or gas operated model depending on how you prefer to cook and your budget.

  • Electric smoothtop ranges are the least expensive and remain a popular choice. They are easy to clean however many cooks don't like the fact that they are slow to heat up and cool down with inconsistent cooking temperatures.

  • Electric induction ranges have proven to be the fastest and most energy efficient cooking option... even compared to gas. Magnetic coils are used to directly heat cookware so the cooking surfaces stay cool to the touch. Magnetic cookware is required for operation. If a magnet sticks to the bottom of the pan you're in business.

  • Gas ranges are considered an upgrade and are more expensive than electric ranges because of the components and propane or gas lines required. Many serious cooks prefer cooking with gas because of the instant steady heat it provides. However, gas ranges can be a hazard and are a pain to clean when food spills inside the burner.

  • Dual Fuel Ranges are a unique combination of gas with an electric oven. Most of my clients who prefer cooking with gas tend to choose this option because it's the best of both worlds.

Single or Double Oven

Many appliance manufacturers offer a double oven option which allows for cooking multiple dishes at different temperatures. Also, if you only have something small to cook not having to heat up a large oven just makes sense. Ranges are available in 30, 36, 48 and even 60 inch widths. The 30 inch models have doors stacked vertically whereas the larger sizes have doors side by side.

Grill or Griddle Feature

If you opt for a 36 inch or larger range, you will need to choose the number of burners you need and whether or not to opt for a built in grill and/or griddle. A built in griddle is more versatile for cooking (think frying pan) but the downside is trying to keep it clean. Some prefer to buy a separate griddle that can be used across two burners when needed and removed for cleaning. For serious grillers, having an indoor grill is nice especially if you live in cold or wet climates. Smoke can be an issue so make sure you have a really good hood vent. It really comes down to personal preference and what works for you. The debate on these two features is ongoing! Would love to hear your opinion on what you like.

48" Wolf Range 4-Burner with Griddle

If you are remodeling our kitchen but keeping your cabinets, make sure to measure the size of your current stove and replace with one of the same size. If you want to change from electric to gas or gas to induction, you will need to schedule an electrician and/or gas company out to set the lines for you.

If you are planning for a new kitchen, you might be interested in my joining my new Kitchen Design Program where we design your kitchen together! The next session starts mid September. Learn more about this fun and innovative program below. Uplevel your design, maximize your return on investment and say goodbye to overwhelm!


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