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AZ Remodel: Virtual Laundry Design

Hello and happy Friday! Today I'm sharing the laundry room for the virtual design project I just completed in Arizona. If you read my last two blogposts, you probably already know the location of the new laundry room! We basically shifted it down further into the garage to create space for a new butler pantry.

The laundry room will have a pocket door to conceal access and create a better flow vs having a hinged door which gets in the way. The client requested the following features be included in the design:

  • Hanging laundry bar

  • Folding shelf

  • Place for laundry bins or carts

  • The dryer vent through the exterior wall vs into the garage

  • Additional storage

With the space we have to work with, I first looked at placing the washer and dyer on the rear wall because they take up a lot of space depth wise. However, that plan didn't leave much space at all for cabinets, storage and function. So instead, I placed the washer and dryer on the side and the vent can still be run outside. Note the dual hanging bars conveniently located for taking laundry out of the washer and/or dryer! There is also a nice size 60" folding shelf if the client goes with front loaders or it can be removed if she chooses top loading models.

The cabinets adjacent from the washer and dryer will not be full depth. Instead we're looking at customizing them to only 18" deep for ample work space and traffic flow. On each end there is a full height cabinet that can be used with shelving for cleaning supplies and the on the other end a full height broom/vacuum closet. Electrical outlets can be included for any plug in charging items like handheld vacuums. In between the storage cabinet is a long folding shelf with plenty of room underneath for housing laundry carts or bins.

The homeowner decided not to include a sink because there is one just a few steps away in the pantry and it seemed a little redundant. Last but not least, there are plenty of upper cabinets for additional storage that will come in handy for seasonal items, storing gift bags, etc.

Here are a couple of 3D renderings of how it will lay out:

The homeowner purchased a partial design plan so that she can select her own materials including flooring, paint or wallpaper, light fixtures, cabinetry, countertops and hardware. After she gets firm pricing from her contractor, if it's in the budget, she may decide to move the wall behind the washer and dyer out another 2' or so to create even more room in here and the pantry which would be ideal. Stay tuned!

The project is scheduled to begin in January and I can't wait to see and share the end result with you when it's ready!

Want to work with me long distance? We can do it! Book a quick discovery call to discuss your project needs and questions.


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