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5 Kitchen Design Tips for Resale Value

I was asked recently for suggestions about designing a kitchen for resale vs designing a kitchen for a forever home which have two very different approaches. It's a great question knowing that your kitchen can make or break a sale and any upgrades should bring about an 85% return on your investment if done right. The key is to do your research and choose wisely within a set budget.

#1 Budget

It is important to set a budget that you can afford and that aligns with the pricepoint of your house. There is a sweet spot where your kitchen is upgraded enough to appeal to buyers but not so expensive that you lose money on your investment. Consider how soon you plan to sell and talk to local realtors if you aren't sure what buyer expectations are in your area.

#2 Neutral Materials

Choose materials that are neutral in style and color that will appeal to a large cross section of people. Neutral cabinet colors could include white, cream, gray, black and lighter wood tones mixed with contrasting islands. Include a fun a backsplash tile in a neutral color and add character by using classic patterns like subway, chevron or herringbone.

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#3 Optimize Layout

Layout and storage are at the top of every moms list when it comes to a new kitchen. Depending on the size and budget of your remodel, if you are able to remove any walls to create an open concept kitchen, do it. Be sure to include a center island if possible as well. Include storage hacks where you can like roll out drawers, tray storage, pots and pans drawers and an organized pantry system.

#4 Upgrade Countertops

Upgraded stone countertops at the top of the list for home buyers. Look for popular stones that are durable like cambria, quartz or lighter toned granites. Low maintenance and easy to clean features appeal to busy families. Also choose an updated edge profile that is more square and less curved.

#5 Include Wow Factors

Wow factors are so important in a kitchen design. Statement lighting and hardware are great ways to achieve this while appealing to a wide assortment of buyers. Consider including a decorative hood or unique architectural features like wood shelving or shiplap to add interest and character to your new kitchen. Pick and choose what will be most cost effective.

Image via Wayfair Laurel Foundry Modern Farmhouse

If you are planning on designing a kitchen for resale, you might be interested in my joining my new Kitchen Design Program where we design your kitchen together! The next session starts mid September. Learn more about this fun and innovative program below and maximize your kitchen investment!


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