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10 Thanksgiving Prep Tips

If you've been following me for a while, you just might already have that gorgeous new kitchen you've been waiting on... and it's almost SHOWTIME! Turkey day is next week! Hopefully when you designed your kitchen you thought through all those important functional details like maybe having an oven with two doors for cooking at different temps... or maybe you installed an extra large refrigerator for plenty of storage. Mini ice makers have been in high demand on most of my projects lately and they are going to come in handy next week! And don't even get me started on butler pantries where all the mess can disappear with the close of a door! Pat yourself on the back if you are looking forward to hosting the big meal with ease in your new kitchen :)

With Thanksgiving next week I thought I would put together a practical list of a few tips you could tackle this weekend to be prepared.

We all know this list is a small part of what it take to pull off a holiday dinner. The meal planning, grocery shopping, decorating, cooking and cleaning are a lot of work and Moms are superheroes in my eyes!

Hopefully this list will help you remember a few things you can do ahead of time and that's it okay to ask for help so you can enjoy the holiday too... because you deserve it!

Hope you and yours have a wonderful Thanksgiving!


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