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10 Kitchen Design Trends 2022

Well hello there! If you are in the market for a new or improved kitchen, you are going to love today's blogpost! Today is a round up of 10 kitchen design trends predicted to gain in popularity for 2022. This a longer post than usual but I thought you want to see all the yummy pictures.


Arches! Arches! This is blowing my mind! I'm seeing arched doorways leading in and out of kitchens as well as arched cabinetry shapes. The cabinets can be recessed into the wall as shown below (don't you love these steel and glass doors?!) or the cabinets can include arched detailing on them like in the second pic. Square everything has been IN for so long, soft curves and arches seem to be the next trend.

Credit Lindy Galloway

Credit Molly Culver


Don't worry white kitchens will always be have a place but colorful cabinets are definitely on the rise. Both Sherwin Williams color of the year Evergreen Fog 9130 and Benjamin Moore's color of the year October Mist 1495 are shades of green. Emerald green is expected to come on strong as well as ALL jewel tones in rich, saturated hues. The boldest of you out there may use these colors on the majority of your kitchen cabinets while others might choose to liven up the kitchen island or pantry areas.

Credit @redbricks_lifestyle

#3 Light Wood Cabinets

Light wood tones have been trending in furniture for years and are now showing up more often on kitchen cabinets. I think this is part of the movement away from ALL white kitchens. Often found with slab doors and linear hardware or even no hardware at all, these cabinets create a soft, modern look and feel. If you don't want to commit to an entire kitchen of light wood cabinets, consider mixing and matching them with just about any cabinet color as seen here.

Credit @devon_grace_interiors


Ya'll basket lights are everywhere and are such a fun way to add texture to a room with otherwise hard finishes! I think we can thank Serena & Lilly for this. DIYers can easily make basket lights themselves but they are also available for super affordable at places like Amazon, World Market, Overstock and even Etsy! Basket lights can be used in the breakfast area, as island pendants or even wall sconces and they are easy to mix and match with other lighting in the room.

Credit @briahammelinteriors


Honestly I'm still not sure what I think about this... but old school SQUARE tile seem to be making a come back. I guess it's because every house in America has subway lol! One of the things I DO like about the square tiles shown below is that they are textured and wavy. I'm struggling to like the flat edge non textured 60's square tile... but maybe I'll get there.


As gold kitchen fixtures have gained in popularity and market saturation, the trend toward matte black is on the rise. And black and gold fixtures work so well together! This kitchen is a great example of many of the trends we are covering today. Note the black faucet, sink and pot filler.

Credit @andreawestdesign


White quartz countertops are still the number one requested countertop in the country and what 99.9% of my clients still ask for... so don't freak out if you just finished your kitchen. But you know us designers get bored and well... darker countertops are slowly on the uptick. Leathered and honed finishes create a rustic and casual look, not formal. Here is a great example of a dark leathered quartz. You can also use a dark countertop on just the island and stick with a lighter one on the perimeter or vise versa. It's all about mixing and matching!


A typical stone countertop is 1.25" thick which is the industry standard required for strength and stability. Lately though I've been seeing thicker countertops used on kitchen islands and especially on islands with waterfall edges. It's really an illusion though because just the edge of the countertop is mitered to create the additional thickness so the base cabinets are still the same height. I'm not sure if this trend will stick, but it does create a luxury statement!

Credit @the_brothers_stonington

Credit @mmi_design


Apron front farm sinks have been ALL THE RAGE. But just in case you're tired of that, here's another option. Natural looking stone sinks are popping up more and more often in my feed. They come in a variety of depths and colors and definitely make statement. This sink below makes this room!! And check out the double swing arched door... so cute! I'm also seeing sinks made out of the same or similar material as the countertop.

Credit @amberinteriors

Credit @laurenleiss


With all the amazing butler pantries out there, including unique entry doors has become a thing. I'm predicting beautiful arched pantry doors coming soon! Hmmm. Glass and some interesting millwork can add a lot to a set of doors. I love how these are painted gray to match the inside of this pantry!

And that's a wrap! I'd l love to hear from you if you seeing any other kitchen design trends for 2022. What do you think of all these?

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