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Wachesaw Plantation Laundry Reveal

I can't wait to share today's blogpost featuring a gorgeous laundry room that functions beautifully for a family of five. This is the third post featuring the Wachesaw Plantation major remodel project. I'll link the first post here in case you missed it.

The old laundry room sat off the kitchen, doubled as a pantry and was dated with a linoleum floor and florescent lighting. The homeowner had a great idea to split a large office in half to create space for a new laundry room in the back of the house. Here's a picture of the former laundry room and office (pardon the boxes!) just after moving in.

Former Laundry Room Former Office

The goal for the new laundry room was to have more storage, somewhere to fold and stack laundry, a sink and hanging laundry bars. We also included a fancy ironing board built right into the wall with a cabinet panel! Here is the initial design with material selections below.

And here is the new laundry room come to life... I love the floor tile, cabinet colors, wall sconces, shiplap, wood folding table and quartz countertops. It all comes together to create a stunning and functional design. The homeowner selected different hardware which looks great. There is plenty of storage and having the washer and dryer built in looks so nice. The shelf above offers plenty of space to fold clothes.

After Laundry Room

Across from the washer and dryer is more storage with a broom closet and open shelving with labeled laundry baskets for the whole family. The children use the baskets to take clean clothes to their rooms and then return the bins to their cubby..

After Laundry Room

What a great system to keep everyone organized and helping out... always a bonus for busy moms! The laundry room is a hit and a huge improvement over the old one. It really is a great example of how remodeling can change everyday life for the better!

Next week I'll take you through the master which is another stunning new space for these lucky client. You won't believe the before and after! Enjoy your weekend :)

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