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Wachesaw Plantation Bathroom Reveal

I hope you're ready to witness quite the before and after because today I'm featuring an amazing master bath transformation! This space was SO ready for an update and consisted of four small rooms with too many doorways. It was divided up into the following zones:

  1. Double vanity room

  2. Land shark tub room

  3. Small commode closet

  4. Small shower cave

Don't get me started about the land shark tubs and Michael Myers shower enclosures lol! We'll just say they were each scary in their own way. Here are a few pictures so you can see what I mean. Everything was so plain... no life to be found... and the floor tile with the brown grout had to go. I know so many of you reading this can relate because we have all had rooms like this in our homes at one time or another, me included. But this project proves what a makeover can do!


The design plan for this project was featured in a blogpost from probably 18 months ago before construction ever started. I'll link it here for reference so you can see how it came to life.

The new design plan included removing all of the dividing walls in the bathroom to create one large open and airy space. We gutted the bathroom and installed a his and her vanity, large soaking tub, walk in tile shower, custom linen closet and stylish commode closet. Brass plumbing fixtures were chosen along with beautiful marble countertops and tile.

Brizo Brass Fixtures

The homeowners happened to have additional heart pine flooring they were able to use in here. Plenty of contractors are shocked at the thought of putting hardwoods in a bathroom, but honestly if you have rugs (which you will) and take care of them, it shouldn't be an issue. I love wood in the bathroom as it warms up hard surfaces and materials. The client surprised me with this fun wallpaper from Anthropologie and I really like. The oyster shell mirrors from Fergusons are stunning and look perfect flanked with glass sconces.

Anthropologie Wallpaper

At the other end of the bathroom is the soaker tub and walk in shower. There is a rain shower head plus a hand held with controls conveniently located near the entrance. The handheld works great to wash the kids hair! The shower glass makes the entire bathroom look larger because it is open and reflects natural light.

The soaking tub has modern clean lines with the spout plumbed directly into the wall. This is a great way to save money versus buying a free standing floor mounted one and you don't have to contort your body to clean behind the tub lol!

I always like to show the commode closet a little attention too because we do spend time in here! This commode room carries the wainscoting theme throughout to dress it up with one wall of wallpaper. Wooden shelves sit above a bidet with a warm seat!

There are so many beautiful details that come together to make this bathroom so special. The homeowner told me that she and her husband love it so much they can't wait to get home to it when they're traveling. And that is music to any designer's ears!

What's your favorite part? Would love to hear from you. Enjoy your weekend!


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