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Join the Kitchen Design Collaborative Next Week Only!

I'm so excited to announce the doors to the KITCHEN DESIGN COLLABORATIVE are opening next week! This comprehensive kitchen design program includes a course, design work and weekly coaching in a private facebook group. I don't know of any other program out there like it and and it's available only a few times a year. Be your own creative director, manage your own budget and have professional support while you work!

Do you need help planning or getting clarity around your design vision? Have you gathered lots of inspiration but aren't sure what to do next? Maybe you don't really want to hire a designer or aren't sure how to find the right one? Do you want to maintain full creative control of your project and manage your own budget? If you answered YES to any of these keep reading...

This program is a good fit for you if:

  • You are planning a full kitchen remodel or designing a new construction kitchen​

  • You love design and want to maintain creative control over your project​

  • You want to save money on costly mistakes

  • You want to save valuable time on design and construction​

  • You want to hone your design skills and up level the end result

  • You know what design materials you like but aren't sure how to put them together​

  • You have a project time frame to begin in the next 3-12 months​

  • You have an estimated project budget between $40 - $100k

Don't let that dream kitchen of yours become a renovation nightmare!

Kitchen renovations are among the most costly investments you'll ever make in your home. Complete your kitchen project without regrets or throwing away money.

Inspiration and knowedge are waiting to position you as the Creative Director of your own kitchen design... with a professional designer at your finger tips.

Whether you are remodeling or building, this program will save you time and money!

Anyone on the WAITLIST can pre-register for the program on Sunday February 20th!

The doors open to everyone else February 23-25th! (Wed-Fri). Hope to see you soon!

Questions? Feel free to book a call with me!


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