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2020 Thanksgiving Tips

Thanksgiving is only 2 weeks away and it's definitely going to be a different one for us this year. Like many families, we are not getting together with extended family and instead will be staying close to home. We usually rotate the holidays with my family in Raleigh or with my husbands family in Charleston. Here's a pic with some of my family from a few Thanksgivings ago :)

Though things may be a little different this year, I for one still plan decorating my table and making things festive. I love using chargers to create a layer of interest when setting the table. I purchased the ones in the photo below from Old Time Pottery and used chalk paint to paint the center of the plate so I could write place settings on them. This scene is from the back porch of our little fishing house in McClellanville. Notice the hammock just waiting to be used in the background!

I really like to decorate with things from nature when it comes to any holiday, but especially for Thanksgiving. Here I used a simple burlap table cloth, magnolia leaves, vines, pomegranates, cranberries and oranges under the floating candles. I do think glass stemware and fabric napkins are a must to keep things a little fancy, I mean it is a holiday dinner! I also borrowed some fun bamboo chairs this particular year to have enough seating for everyone.

Before your big day arrives, here are some practical steps you can take this coming week so you will be ready to decorate when the time comes:

#1 Declutter - Now is the time to clean out anything you don't need in your kitchen and find a permanent home for it... maybe even donate it. Your countertop should only be a home to a few things you use on a daily basis.

#2 Clean out Your Refrigerator - Get rid of anything that has expired or that you don't need to make room for all the Thanksgiving ingredients and leftovers coming your way! Oh yeh!

#3 - Seating & Table Arrangements - Will you have enough seating for everyone if you are hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Now is the time to get more chairs, set up an extra table, etc.

#4 - Serving Platters & Utensils - Do you have enough large platters and serving utensils for all of the food you plan on serving? One trick I learned years ago was to put a sticky note on what food will be served on what platter ahead of time.

#5 - Polish the Silver - It's been a crazy year... I say use the fine china and silver! You deserve it!

#6 - Plan the Menu - Every year I print out my holiday menu mainly so I don't forget anything lol, but also to plan my shopping list of ingredients. It really helps me to write down what will be made when and the cooking times so I can try to orchestrate it to all be ready at the same time.

Ya'll know, it's no small feat!

However you are celebrating Thanksgiving this year, I hope you have a blessed and wonderful one. You will be spending lots of time in your kitchen and I hope it's one you love! If you are considering making improvements or even remodeling one day, you should join me!

My new FB group Kitchen, Baths and Mudrooms by Design has grown to 100 members already! It'a a private group for moms just like you! Each week I solve one members design challenge for the whole group to see live, plus I share behind the scenes design work on my custom projects. We'd love to have you!

If you are planning on designing your own kitchen, don't miss this! Grab my Free Guide while it's available to help learn how! Happy weekend :) -

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