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Last week I did a post on 2020 Kitchen Design Trends so I thought this week I would share the love with the master bath. I rounded up 10 trends that are gaining in popularity every day.

Image by HomeBunch

#1 Floating Bath Vanities

Floating bath vanities used to just be a thing for contemporary CA homes. Now however, the trend is going more mainstream and wall mounted bath vanities are becoming a norm. I see them as more of an organic statement vs contemporary especially in natural and rustic wood tones. Though some plumbing will likely be exposed, I really like this set up with baskets or towels stacked below.

Image by Home Bunch

#2 Black Finishes

Black is the new gray for bathrooms. Gray isn't going anywhere but black is the next evolution. Black walls, floors, hardware, light fixtures, shower enclosures and even soaking rubs are all having their moment in black.

Image by Rebekah Westover Photography

#3 Antique Gold + Brass Finishes

Antique gold and brass finishes look great when paired with cool white marbles or any moody colors like jewel tones or black. They can be found in plumbing fixtures, lighting, hardware and mirrors in sleek and modern shapes. They can create an industrial or vintage feel depending on the design.

Image by Martha Stewart

#4 Warm Natural Stone

With the saturation of marble bathrooms (which I still love), a new tile is in town! These natural stone looks are raw with no sheen and feel very organic. Travertine is back in large slabs and feels very chic in simple forms. It almost has a concrete feel to it. It is trending in showers, sinks and vanities.

Image by Scout & Nimble

#5 Light Wood

Just like in the kitchen, wood accents are a great way to add warmth and texture to otherwise cool color palettes. The natural wood trend can be found in vanities, flooring, shelving, lighting and mirror frames.

Image by Nicole Davis Interiors

#6 Double Vanities

Double vanities have definitely become a thing. It used to be two sinks in one vanity but now it's two separate vanities side by side or across the room from each other. There is something to be said for everyone having their own space... If you look closely you will spy waterfall countertop edges which is probably soon to be another trend.

Image by unknown

#7 Bold Tile Patterns

Fun tile patterns are definitely making a splash in the bathroom. They can be found on floors, shower walls and accent walls running all the way to the ceiling behind mirrors.

Image by Nicole Davis Interiors

#8 Bathroom Plants

Live greenery loves humid environments so if can find some space in your bath, throw in a few plants to bring the outside in.

Image by Apt Therapy

Hope you enjoyed this! If you haven't heard my new FB group Kitchen, Baths and Mudrooms by Design is growing! Each week one member's design challenge is solved on a FB live for the whole group to see. Get in early for your chance at free design advice.

If you are working on designing your own kitchen grab my Free Guide while it's available! Happy weekend :)


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