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Wachesaw Plantation Laundry Room Remodel

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Last week I walked you through a current project I'm working on for a beautiful home in Wachesaw Plantation where I featured the kitchen and pantry remodel plan. As I always recommend, I am designing this project 6 months out so we're looking at construction getting started early 2022. Right now I'm finalizing new and improved layouts to maximize flow, function, storage and create more of an open concept floor plan throughout the home.

Today I'm going to share the exciting new plans for a much needed separate laundry room. The homeowners requested the laundry room be relocated to the other end of the house because it currently sits off the kitchen and is not in an ideal location. The best solution for a new laundry room was to take an oversized office and cut in half. Fortunately the master bath sits just on the other side so accessing plumbing is easy peasy. Here's a picture of the new floorplan:

The laundry room design is spacious and meets all the requests of the homeowners which are:

  • Broom + Vacuum Closet

  • Open Shelving for 6 laundry baskets

  • Sink & Faucet

  • Hanging Laundry Bars

  • Drying Rack

  • Folding Shelf over washer and dryer

  • Built In Ironing Board

Here are the 2D Elevations showing the cabinet design and layout for each main wall.

Design Tip: If you designing a space where you want to include baskets, have the dimensions available for your cabinet maker.

I am also going to include a few 3D renderings so you can really see what this space will look like but just know that NONE of the materials or colors have been selected at this point so the end results will look different... better! Selecting materials is the next fun step. The homeowners have requested a brick or fun pile tile pattern for the floor. Can't wait to see what I find!

3D Concept Only

And that's a wrap for this laundry room plan. I'll share the materials as I am working on them and of course so you the finished space once it's constructed.

If you are working on your own laundry room you should join my private facebook group! I'd love to hear what you are up to and each week we have a design challenge where you get free design advice.


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