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My Top 3 Wallpaper Tips

Wallpaper is a great way to add personality to any room. It can create additional color, pattern and texture to elevate your home. I've been working on a beach house project which is almost finished and this week I thought I would share a sneak peek of two bathrooms that turned out ah-mazing... mainly due to the fun wallpaper! This got me thinking about sharing some tips with you on just how I choose wallpapers.

Powder Bath Cole & Son Acquario Wallpaper

Tip #1

I love shopping for wallpapers on They carry a lot of designer wallpapers and I love being able to have samples shipped right to my door. You always want to have a sample to make sure the pattern and color are what you are expecting and to work with when selecting paint colors, cabinet colors, etc.

Tip #2

I have yet to find a professional wallpaper installer that will work with peel and stick paper. They despise it! While these wallpapers have come a long way meaning you can actually pull off, shift and restick the paper, in the end, it's hard to teach an old dog new tricks. Glue is certainly more forgiving for slipping and sliding around having personally wallpapered with both types. So the big lesson here is... before you order your favorite wallpaper, check to see what type of adhesive it has. If it's prepasted, make sure you can find an installer in your area willing to do it or attempt to install it yourself.

Tip #3

Lastly, I love to go big or go home when it comes to choosing a wallpaper! It does depend on the room it's going in too... I'm much bolder in small spaces like powder rooms or a one wall situation. If you're doing a larger room you may want to keep things a little calmer. Choose a pattern you love and can't live without! The Cole & Sons fish wallpaper turned out great in the small powder bath above! Because this was such a small space with a 10' tall ceiling, I opted for shiplap on the bottom half to break things up a bit.

Downstairs Powder Bath Schumacher Deconstructed Stripe

This larger powder bath turned out great too in a modern geometric Schumacher pattern. It's not the best photo but the wallpaper is white with black lines. I'll get this entire house photographed next month and share all the details with you with better pics, I promise.

I'd love to see what some of you favorite wallpapers are. Send me pics or post them and tag me @robinjohnsoninteriors.

Have a great long weekend and enjoy Memorial Day!


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