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If you're a busy mom like me, time is of the essence. Most days seem to be an ever evolving balancing act juggling life between ourselves, our children and our husbands. This definitely requires the skill of logistics for planning and efficiency. My big takeaway for you today is designing a kitchen is no different... which means you can totally do this!

Over the years, many clients have said to me they would never design their own kitchens because they either don't have time, knowledge or are scared of making expensive mistakes. They generally feel intimidated and overwhelmed with how to even start the process... how to budget.... how to design... how to find a contractor.

In a recent survey I asked lots of you where you struggle the most with kitchen design and here are the results:

Budget & Timeframe 50%

Design Vision 76%

Appliances 30%

Cabinetry 60%

Plumbing 7%

Countertops 36%

Backsplash 43%

Flooring 26%

Lighting 53%

Hardware 26%

This tells me you need help! I am truly surprised that 76% of you find creating your design vision to be your #1 design challenge because if you can't decide what direction to go in you really can't get started. First of all, if you haven't downloaded my Free 10-Step Kitchen Design Guide start here. When you're ready to start the design process this list includes all of the steps to take in the correct order. With this guide you will receive five bonus emails with more valuable information and a free training video about how to save the most money on kitchen design.

My bigger news though.... is that coming early September, you can join me for five days of free live trainings each covering a different topic around kitchen design. To access, join my private facebook group Kitchens, Baths & Mudrooms by Design. The beauty of watching live is you can ask me any questions you might have related to your project. If you can't make it live you can always watch the replay later on. I'm still deciding on the topics but how to create a design vision will definitely be one of them!

If you have any suggestions, DM me on Instagram or email me, I'd love to hear from you!


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