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Creating Your Design Vision

Do you know the #1 challenge you face when starting on kitchen design? It's how to create a design vision. I've been gathering survey results and was surprised to learn this! Having a clear design vision is so important when working on any room in your home but especially when it comes to your kitchen where you will be investing a good bit of money and living with your choices for a long time. In fact, creating a design vision is the very first design step in my Kitchen Design Program where I teach you how to design your kitchen from concept to completion.

There are many ways to gather inspiration and design direction, hint hint, Pinterest and Instagram are two great places to start. I think most of you are probably well aware of this and have been pinning ideas and dream kitchens for years! That's the fun part, right?! But then what? I think the bigger challenges are:

  • How to decide on one particular style

  • How to blend different styles to create your own

  • How to blend you and your spouses style if they are different

(How you might feel when starting design work lol)

Because this is an area so many of you struggle with, I am excited to announce that this very topic is going to be one of my 5 FREE Kitchen Design Training sessions coming Sept. 13-18th. While I won't be covering everything included with my paid program of course, I will show you some valuable tips and tricks to help get started. I might even showcase a project I'm working on right now so you can see my process in real time.

Bring any questions or concerns you might have regarding your own project for feedback while I'm LIVE or you can watch the replay. We'll have a Q&A session after each training.

To attend, join my free private facebook group just for busy moms... link below. See you there!



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