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Cabinet Design & Kitchen Layout

Second only to the challenge of creating a design vision... knowing how to lay out your kitchen and design your cabinets proves to be a real struggle when it comes to remodeling . This is based on survey results I've been collecting from you for a few months now. Cabinets generally account for 30% of the cost of your new kitchen so it is important to get them right the first time. And if your reality is anything like mine, you'll be living with your cabinets for a long, long time! So unless you have a lot of experience or are trained in this area, you'll want to work with a professional.

This kitchen below is a before photo taken for a large remodel project. Wait till you see the after photo below!


Whether you are simply wanting to replace the exact cabinet footprint you have or want to move things around a bit, a kitchen designer will prove to be invaluable. They will work with you on:

  • how you use your current space

  • what is and what is not working for you

  • what options you have for enlarging or moving things around

  • see your home in a whole new light with ideas you may have never thought of

This is a very different approach than just ordering new cabinets to replace what you have. A lot of thought, skill and creativity goes into new design possibilities. Plus, busy families have unique needs when it comes to kitchen design. I designed our kitchen when I was still single and my handsome client became my husband :) I will admit 13 years later there are definitely things I would do differently... things I didn't really think about until after having a family. So it's important to work with someone who understands your needs.

Sometimes people ask me if it's okay to work with a local cabinet supplier to design their kitchen vs hiring a designer like me. It's hard to say because it really depends on the skill and expertise of the person working there. Are they willing to come to your house and help you evaluate all of your options? Are they trained in this area and how creative are they? Hiring a professional kitchen designer is expensive but the truth is you usually get what you pay for. Cabinet suppliers typically only design your cabinets... and you have a whole kitchen to contend with.


Best news is, if you need to design your kitchen and don't want to pay for an expensive professional, you can join my me in my amazing Kitchen Design Program starting September 20th! Work with me as you walk you through the entire kitchen design process from start to finish.

There is an entire week devoted just to kitchen layout and cabinet design along with a specific list of questions to help you evaluate how your current kitchen is working.... the very same questions I use when working on projects. We'll cover things like:

  • Kitchen layout options

  • How much room you need for an island

  • What cabinet construction is best

  • How to choose cabinet doors

  • How to choose cabinet colors

  • How to shop for cabinets

  • Cabinet accessories

  • And a lot more

Simply put, my goal is to EMPOWER YOU to make the most informed decisions you can while working on your project. And the best part is, I'll be with you every step of the way. With a private FB group and weekly group Q&A coaching sessions, you will be in good hands! Have your questions answered, learn from what everyone is working on and have fun doing it.

If you're interested, come to my FREE KITCHEN DESIGN TRAININGS SEPT 13-18th by

joining my FB Group linked below. Attend live to ask questions or catch the replay later on.

Learn all about the details of the Kitchen Design Program and if you're interested, save your spot while enrollment is open. This is the last session for 2021! Hope to see you soon!


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