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Behind The Scenes Remodel Update

If you've ever gone through a remodel project you know it can get a little hairy! Lots of contractors, noise, questions and plentiful decisions are all par for the course. This week I walked through the Wachesaw Plantation project that I shared a few months ago with all the exciting design details. You can find that post here. As always, a few challenges came up I thought I would share with you, because this is how it works... plenty of pivoting on the job site even with the best laid plans.

Challenge #1 - The house plans that I worked from to base my design on were a little off on the measurements. I got a call from the contractor saying ummmm.... This is pretty common because sometimes during construction things have to get shifted. The master bathroom was a little smaller and the laundry room was a little larger. So the overall shower length was adjusted and cabinet sizes were tweaked to make everything work out. Problem solved.

New shower Location

Challenge # 2 - After framing, the commode closet was going to be too small because again the plans were slightly off. To solve for this we were able to steal some space from the hallway and shift the position of the the commode to make it all work out. Problem solved.

New Commode Closet

Challenge # 3 - The contractor wants to brace the walls behind the hanging shelves going up over the tub. This means we can no longer have a pocket door to enter the commode closet. No big deal only that having a hinged door means the built in linen closet will have to be moved. Sometimes you have to pick between the lesser of two evils and the homeowner chose to move the linen closet. Problem solved.

New Tub Location

Here's a video of the entire bathroom as it looks today. The plumbers were out this week and had to remove some of the plywood flooring to access the pipes. The HVAC guys were in the house as I walked through making sure the duct work and insulation is all set. I'll keep you posted as things progress but thought you would enjoy seeing what this remodel as it comes to life. The end result is going to be amazing.

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