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Robin Johnson is an award winning interior designer of over 15 years. Specializing in kitchen and bath renovations, she takes a whole home approach to creating warm and welcoming spaces for families to thrive and enjoy time together.

On a mission to empower everyday homeowners who wants to remodel their own homes, she is the  proud founder of the Kitchen Remodel Made Easy program to simplify and expedite the design process in 30 days or less.

Free Kitchen Remodel Starter Kit

for homeowners

You Are on your way


Kitchens, baths & mudrooms

designed for busy families.

​Improve Function. Maximize Storage. 
Conceal Clutter. Optimize Organization.  

Live Your Best Life Now


Hello! Welcome to Robin Johnson Interiors where I bet we share a love called HOME! Over 15 years I've perfected designing award winning kitchens, bathrooms and mudrooms with a step by step process. 


As a busy mom, I get just how important it is that the main rooms of your house work with you to support your busy lifestyle.  Let’s face it, Moms rule the roost and pretty much run their family’s world.  


As CEO of your home, you deserve to live and work in beautiful spaces that support your mission for organization, storage, function and aesthetics.  Poorly designed and dated interiors lead to stress, frustration and overall dissatisfaction with your home.  

We deserve a house that brings us JOY every single day and changes our life and the lives of our family for the better. 

Create joy.  Feel energized.  Be confident. 


Have you ever felt embarrassed about inviting family or friends over because of dated rooms in your home? You are not alone mama! You would be surprised how often I hear this!  And unfortunately I can totally relate because I felt the SAME WAY about my upstairs bathrooms for the past 10 years!  No pressure being a designer or anything…  

It wasn’t until my husband wanted to take a fishing expedition with his buddies to Cuba AND after quickly realizing that I wasn’t invited, that I seized the opportunity to leverage my bathroom remodel dream. All I can say is that everyday I walk in to my new bathroom and literally exhale with delight. My daughter also has a fancy new bath that we love just as much!  All my husband has to say is that that was the most expensive vacation he has ever taken, lol… 

Our bathrooms before & after:
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