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Kitchen Design Trends for 2021

Happy Friday! Today's post is about 3 kitchen design trends that are going strong as we begin 2021. The pandemic has certainly had a hand in shaping some of these and there is a sharp focus on storage, organization and user friendly kitchens that serve busy families. The kitchen has become an all purpose room for not only meals and eating but also for work, home school and zooming.

#1 Butler Pantries

Butler pantries are beautiful, upgraded versions of walk in pantries including finished cabinetry, countertops, open shelving, fun lighting, a sink and an under counter beverage center. They are working extension of the main kitchen and if you read last week's blogpost "Dirty Kitchen Design Trends" you'll know exactly what I mean. Today's butler pantries are bold and pack a punch featuring bright colors and fun wallpapers. Often the cabinetry is in a unique accent color that might coordinate with the main kitchen island whereas the main kitchen stays neutral and calm.

#2 Double Islands

Larger, open concept kitchens are on the rise as they support multiple members of a household including young children and aging parents. Instead of having one large center island, there is a trend toward including two smaller islands used for different purposes. One island is for more for meal prep and cleaning including a sink or stove while the other island is geared toward serving food, dining, sipping drinks or work/school including charging stations and ports. The main requirement to pull off double islands is having a large enough kitchen!

#3 Paneled Appliances

There is also a trend toward hiding appliances with beautiful wood paneling that matches the cabinetry. Paneled appliances create a more seamless look and upgrade the average kitchen to more of a boutique style. Since people are spending inordinate amounts of time in their kitchens, the demand for luxury kitchens has only grown. With more wood paneling comes the other trend which is open wall shelving for everyday dishes.

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Have a great weekend!


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