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10 Ways Your Home can support a child with ADHD/Anxiety

Are you the parent of a child diagnosed with ADHD and or anxiety disorder? If so, then you know the struggle is real. Over 6 million children in just the the US alone have ADHD according to the latest report on attitude.mag website, which by the way is a great resource! Having an organized home that is set up to assist these creative geniuses is a great idea. Visual clutter creates brain clutter and NO ONE needs that, especially kids who have so much going on in their minds already. Here are some practical ways you can create structure and organization in some of the busiest rooms in your home... the kitchen, the baths and the mudroom.

1. Place those check charts, to do lists, and daily schedules where your kids can see them. Usually the kitchen works well because it is the hub of family activity. Having visual cues are so important because they are consistent reminders for everyone in the family.

2. Create a designated kitchen spot for snacks and drinks just for your children. Stock your snack drawer or shelf with healthy choices and snacks your children will love. They will be able to serve themselves and with a limited selection it will speed up the task of decision making.

3. Make sure your kitchen table or island is clean and decluttered when it's time for homework creating a calm, quiet space for your child to think.

4. Keep extra school supplies in an empty drawer or basket in your kitchen. Most kids don't love homework, but for kids with ADHD/ anxiety issues, afternoon homework can be extra challenging so plan ahead.

5. Keep a check chart in your child's bathroom listing the steps for success to get ready daily.

6. Have a clock (preferably one that ticks) in your child's bathroom so they can see AND hear the passing of time.

(I just bought a cute vintage clock like this for our daughter's bathroom. My rule is if she is ready by a certain time every morning for school, she can use her iPad on the way to school. It works well!)

7. Organize your mudroom mama! You know, that room you use everyday as you rush in and out of the house? The one where you keep keys, coats, shoes, hats and gloves in? Use a cabinet or piece of furniture with cubbies and a bench to store all the seasonal stuff.

8. Give your child their very own mudroom cubby to help them stay organized and reduce stress when they're in a hurry.

9. Organize sporting equipment in large baskets. The mudroom is a great place for this. From tennis racquets and tennis balls to basketballs and footballs create a basket for each sport with everything your child will need, shoes and all!

10. Use shelves and wall hooks for hanging book bags, coats and scarves in the winter and swim towels and goggles in the summer. Anything your family uses frequently going in and out of the house.

In case you haven't heard, I am a big believer that spaces really need to function as beautifully as they look! This is so important for busy families and especially those with children with ADHD/ anxiety issues. How you design and organize your home has a direct impact on you and your families stress levels. A happy home creates a happy life! I'd love to hear your thoughts and any ideas or design solutions you've come up with to support your child around the house.


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