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3 Tips When Your Remodel Project Goes Sideways

I was just talking to a client this morning who let's just say is... not happy to put it nicely. There is nothing worse than saving up and finally deciding to remodel your kitchen and not having the project pan out as you expected. Feeling progressively angry at your contractor as the project progresses is not a good recipe for a successful project... instead it creates a stressful project. And not body wants to sign up for that!

To give you a little insight into this particular scenario, there is a communication gap and lack of follow through on the contractors part in the eyes of the client. The client said to me, "We could live with the delays, just tell us what to expect so we can plan accordingly." They are renting another place to live in for the duration of the remodel and have already had to move once.

Other issues according to the client were being told the wood flooring going into the new kitchen could be matched to their existing flooring and then later told it wasn't possible... or we will try. It's things like this that create ill will and a lack of trust between client and contractor. And the contractor may have no idea that you the client are feeling so frustrated. So what do you do?

Communication, communication, communication. The cornerstone of every good relationship. We all know this to be true but sometimes it's hard to do. So how can you prepare for a smooth remodel project when it's your turn or handle one that is not meeting your expectations?

Here are 3 tips:

  1. Hire a contractor you feel comfortable with because good communication is everything.

  2. Have the hard conversations up front about realistic project timing & expectations.

  3. Set up a weekly meeting to discuss project progress and issues that arise because I promise you they will. Keep having conversations and openly communicating.

The client did the first two steps listed above, but wasn’t sure how to approach step three. I advised them to be honest and request a weekly meeting on site or over zoom. Hopefully this will get everyone on the same page and manage the most important part of the remodel process which is always CLIENT EXPECTATIONS. I also reminded them to hang in there because in the end they are going to love their new kitchen and it will all be worth it!

To help busy moms navigate the remodel process, I have created a brand new comprehensive

10 Step Kitchen Design System that teaches you not only how to design an amazing kitchen you will love but also how to regret proof your project which includes knowing how to hire and work effectively with your contractor. This program is for remodel projects as well as new construction homes. After 15 plus years of working with homeowner and contractors, I know all of the pitfalls and challenges you will face. Don't miss out!


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